5 Tips On Expanding Your Essay When It’s Too Short

Many students seek essay help on realizing that they can’t hit the specified word count even after presenting all their ideas and facts. This is a bad feeling among students especially when they don’t want to use fluffy words in their essays. To solve this problem, many students try to rewrite sentences in their essays to make them longer. Although this may increase word count, it makes an essay weaker.
Fortunately, there are better ways to expand essays. You can still write the best essay that meets the specified word count when you follow these tips, provided by Myessaywriting.com experts, to expand it.

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Add Examples
Read your essay carefully looking for places where you can use examples to prove your argument. If you have already provided examples, you can add more to make the essay stronger. Adding examples to your essay will add the word count while showing the examiner that you understand the topic. You can also look for statements that may need examples to support in your essay and add them.

Address Varying Viewpoints
This is one of the most effective tips for expanding an essay while improving it. Basically, address varying viewpoints in your essay. Discuss how the viewpoints differ from your conclusion in the essay. Also tell readers why you think you have made superior conclusions in your essay by comparing viewpoints. This is actually the best approach to write custom essays because it shows that you considered different opinions before making conclusions. What’s more, it makes an essay stronger while expanding it.

Clarifying Statements
If you realize that adding examples in your essay won’t make sense, consider clarifying your statements. You can achieve this by inserting specific statements that clarify your original statements. Nevertheless, avoid over-clarifying statements. If you are not careful, you will fill your essay with fluffy statements or filler words that will lower its quality. Basically, focus on enabling your reader to understand your statements.

Include Additional Sources
This is a great way to expand an essay while strengthening it. If there are sources that you have not mentioned in your essay yet they can support your conclusions and statements, add them. Your essay will be stronger when you include more sources. Therefore, take time to identify additional sources that you can add to your essay. This will boost its quality and word count.

Use Quotations
One of the things that feature most in essay reviews is the use of quotations. Maybe you have included quotations in the essay. In that case, you can skip this tip. But, if you have not used quotations, including appropriate quotations will expand the essay. Look for relevant quotes from reputable experts in your study field. Include quotations that support your argument to expand and improve your essay. This will show that you have done extensive research or you are updated on the latest developments in your field.

If you apply these tips, you won’t face the challenges that compel students to seek writing essay help. Meeting and even exceeding the specified word count will be easier for you. What’s more, you won’t lower the quality of your essay trying to expand it.

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