Choosing a Title for your Essay

The title is an important part of an essay. An essay is a piece of writing on a single topic and a main plot or idea. The good example of the most appropriate titles may be;’ Four Types of Wild Animals, Getting College Degree vs Employ, How to Install Computer on the Car. Etc. The title must be in an active voice. It can be a phrase or a group of phrases, not a complete sentence. In certain cases, it may be in the form of a question. 

The title should represent the main topic summary, hook to capture the reader’s attention and to make an essay captive. Try to keep the title simple as possible, use appropriate words and avoid abbreviations and jargon.

A title essay aims to prove that written paper becomes excellent. An appropriate title enables us to understand the paper’s tone, structure and a position.  To compose an effective and creative title for the essay, it is necessary to concentrate on the 3 most important crucial points: the hook, the keywords and literature. 

The title attributes  

The good title needs to be brief, consisting of two or three words with an appropriate tone. The best effect is achieved if the title seems strong and direct. Quite often a title needs to be edited, narrowed or even expanded until the goal reached. Before any notes – go through magazines, newspapers, online articles to gain more detailed information to have an appropriate title.

It is not recommended to use too general language or generic words such as the following:  society, culture, humans, etc. Neither a too complex vocabulary is recommended.

The basic steps

The process of creating a title is demandable in most cases. For example, pick one sentence from the essay, then place it as a title. Then, come up with something different than the initial sentence written. Insert the following words: What, Who, Why,  When or Where questions if applicable.

The majority of internet search engines, databases or journal websites use the words found in the title and abstract. The importance of the appropriate word choice is key to the greater success of the paper.

Nevertheless, a good title is in the descriptive form using keywords and phrases that precisely reflect and describe the core of the paper.

Finally, a good title predicts the content and should catch a reader’s interest and attention. A title should be as short as possible and clear enough to describe the main plot of an essay. A specific language should be used and accurate and concise enough. The title should contain the main words so the computer search is performed easily. 

Thus, to title an essay use your thesis thoroughly, use popular phrases and clichés. The title should be unique, but a sum of the entire essay. 

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