Compare and Contrast Essay

In this type of essay, it is necessary to explain the similarities and differences between 2 subjects, objects, or topics. There are 2 ways to organize a comparison and contrast essay: point-by-point organization and block organization.  A contrast explains how two or more things are similar, while an analogy explains one thing by comparing it to another more familiar thing.

To start any kind of academic paper – first, introduce the subject, then write a thesis and explain the main point. Before any further writing, try to do extensive research and note all the evidence gathered.

In the beginning, try to hook up all the necessary information and add facts, statistics, questions, or a famous quote. Brainstorm everything known in regard to the selected topic.  The thesis statement originates from this first draft. In the introduction, state the main subjects strongly and clearly.

In this type of essay – two subjects are questioned and become the thesis statement.  There are 2 patterns for writing the comparison and contrast essay. The first is the point by point pattern, whilst the other is the block pattern. These patterns are organized in 5-8 paragraphs.

The point-by-point pattern is used when a focus on the points is more effective and one object is better than another. The block pattern is used when a complete, summarized focus on the objects is more effective.

It is recommended to avoid comparing and contrasting for no evident reason as well as vague and unbalanced descriptions. Try to describe the subjects using bright examples. Use transitional phrases to ensure a more sophisticated transition from one point to another and from one subject to another.

In the case of a point-by-point organization, write a list of the most important factors, for example, dinner,  benefits, sports. Then, compare each factor according to different attributes in a way to assign the topic to each paragraph.

In block organization, it is possible to arrange a; the similarities in one block and all the differences in another. It is often recommended to insert a transition sentence between the 2 blocks.

Use transition phrases: such as first, second, one, another, the final, for example, in conclusion, etc.

The structure of  the compare and contrast essay

Before any dubious writing, plan to determine the emphasis on similarities, differences or both. Then determine the major focus of the paper task.  First, write an essay about each topic and talk about the same points for both subjects.  Make a point about one subject – while comparing it to another. Try to stay interestingly and vividly in writing. 

Revise all the necessary grammar and vocabulary points such as: are commas used correctly, do the subjects and verbs correspond, are the sentences complete, is it in Times New Roman font, is it in MLA or APA format etc.

The conclusion of the writing task should include final connections about the two subjects and provide a final thesis.

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