How To Construct A Good Essay

Writing an essay for most people can be challenging, but really, it can be easy. The following is a simple recipe anyone can use to write an essay for their philosophy, humanities, or social sciences. It can also be a good guide used for middle and high school writing and lower college levels. Many students may get a common assignment is an argumentative essay where you argue out some points or interpret an author’s work.

Below are some general guidelines that are common among various forms of essay writing. Some essays have an indicated guideline, but all the same, they contain these points below since the format is pretty standard.

  1. Format

When using a computer to write your essay, you will need any word processing software like Microsoft Word. The spacing between lines is typically double-spacing in the entire document. When it comes to the font size, use 12-point as the text standard size. Use Times New Roman font as the font style since it’s the standard font used extensively.

  1. Essay Structure.

When writing an essay, there is often a structure that it needs to follow. That structure should be logical. A standard essay structure divides into three main sections; the introduction, body, and summary.


An introduction needs two things to be complete: introducing your topic to the reader and providing a thesis statement. One should accomplish the two tasks in a single paragraph when it comes to short papers. For longer papers, it can be a bit lengthy.

1st, introduce the topic. It should be brief and clear to let the reader know what the rest of the paper holds.

2nd, provide your thesis statement. The thesis statement seeks to address the assigned topics by the instructor. The thesis statement should be specific, clear, on-topic, and declarative. You can use 1 or 2 sentences to define your thesis statement when it comes to short essays. After you complete the introduction, you go ahead and give your statement in the same paragraph.


The body is where you can support your thesis statement by giving reasons, arguments, evidence, justification, etc. The body is a combination of all the paragraphs between the introduction and the conclusion. The body is a platform for giving details or supporting your arguments, supporting them, and similarly defending it.

At the beginning of each paragraph, there should be a topic sentence, and if there’s a need, a transition sentence. The point you try to make in any paragraph and comes in the first sentence. A transition sentence steps in as a link between two points in a paragraph and ensures a smooth transition from one paragraph to the next. These sentences are the fabric that joins all the points in your body and helps illuminate how our essay supports the thesis statement. The first sentence in a paragraph can serve as both the topic sentence and the transition. Similarly, you can split the two by having the transition sentence first followed by the topic sentence.


A summary is a brief recap of all the points in your essay. For a short paper, one paragraph is enough for the summary but extendable for longer papers. Some instructors may not need a summary at all in the case of short papers.

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