How to Write a Narrative Essay or Speech

Narrative essay or speech, as the name suggests, is used to account for a personal experience or something you witnessed. Storytelling has been one of the best ways writers use to engage their audience. An excellent narrative piece should  

  • Raise fundamental points
  • Well detailed to support the mentioned points
  • Well structured

How to write a narrative essay

One of the essential aspects of every essay is structure. A well-structured piece attracts attention and inspires readers to continue reading. Like any other work, a narrative essay contains an


The first paragraph of your essay is where you state the purpose and give a brief background of what readers should expect. It also includes the thesis statement, usually a one-sentence long description of the problem. Your introduction should be clear, strong, and attractive.


The body is the main component of the piece. Consisting of three to five paragraphs, it is where you give detailed information about the event. Each should introduce a new idea or eventful act in each paragraph.


It will where you sum up everything in the body. You don’t need to introduce a new event or idea at the conclusion stage; however, it should leave a lasting impression on the reader. You conclude with a powerful quote.  

Narrative Essay Topics

Choosing an interesting topic to write about is one of the difficult tasks in writing. As a student, you may want your tutor to assign you with titles always. However, sometimes you may have to come up with one. Below are a few ideas to help you with your next assignment.

  1. An embarrassing experience you had as a teenager
  2. A memorable event you attended
  3. An exciting football game you’ve watched
  4. Your first day at school
  5. Your first day at a paid job
  6. A disastrous day of your life
  7. Your way to the top
  8. An encounter that had a significant impact on your life
  9. A near-death experience that increased your faith
  10. Your experience social media bullying
  11. An experience you’ve encountered with technology leaving much to be desired
  12. Have you been rejected in front of friends before, what was the experience?
  13. The hard lessons your first relationship thought you
  14. The friend who betrayed your trust
  15. Events that led to your first breakup
  16. An accident you have witnessed
  17. The day your father died in your arms
  18. A heart-wrenching experience you’ve encountered
  19. The bold decision that safeguarded your future
  20. Your experience with an alcoholic dad/family member
  21. The day you decided to leave home and start living on your own
  22. An encounter with a blackmailer
  23. Your experience with a strange creature
  24. A robbery attack at your home
  25. Moving from grass to grave and vice versa
  26. A fraud scheme you almost fell victim to
  27. How your family survived a fire outbreak at home
  28. A narrow escape from death
  29. Leaving your home for the first time
  30. Getting lost in the middle of nowhere
  31. A witness to a crime or accident
  32. An ugly encounter with law enforcers
  33. The devastating effect of losing your parents to an accident
  34. How you reacted to gaining admission to a college
  35. Taking part in a demonstration that ended bloody

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