Social Change In The Early 19th Century

Change is the only permanent thing and is with us to stay. In the 19th century and especially after the revolution era, America went through a lot of social changes. The way of living for the people changed. This is greatly owed to the level of technology that came after the revolution. Many people were forced to change in many ways. But only fools do not accept change. The people of America then embraced the change and it had a great positive influence on their lives. The change also impacted on their politics and now America is a super power because of the effects of the changes that took place back in the mid of the 19th century.

Change that took place

This era was marked with significant advancements in technology and engineering. People focused greatly on the transport systems. They built the railway and ships. This was a significant boost to transport. It came along with many other effects in the community. People could travel from one place to another with ease. Engineering skills led to the growth of many companies. People had to move to these towns work in them. Many persons who had the old working skills were forced to learn new skills to be able to work in the companies. These companies and many railway stations led to the growth of towns. People were clustered in some places there was a considerable influence on the culture. Information was also easy to access as newspapers could be carried by railway to places that were far from the towns. Growth of cities increased the need for fresh foods. Business for farmers was made easy by the transport and availability of a market for their produce. Hiking resorts also grew at an alarming rate in the towns. It also became easy for artists to move from place to place to showcase their talents.

Effects of changes

The living standard of the people was improved by the changes that took place in the 19th century. Due to the growth of industries and the need for manpower to build and work on the rail, there were many job opportunities. People had a place to earn. This improved their class. Classes also grew depending on the skills that people had. Those people were living in the towns also had a different lifestyle from those that were in the village. The culture was also improved by many people coming to live together.

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