Why Do I Write Bad Essays? 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Essay writing is unavoidable to college and university students. While some learners are good at completing this assignment, others struggle to write good essays. Unfortunately, educators award students that write bad essays low grades. In most cases, a student is unable to write the best essay due to mistakes that can be avoided. To make your essay without errors, you can ask for help from this service writemyessay.today.
Here are 5 mistakes that you should avoid to write great essays:

Fluffy Introduction
Maybe you were taught in high school that essay introduction should grab the attention of the reader. You may have been told that the introduction should scream to the readers to pay attention. But, were you shown how to do this? A major mistake that you could be making when writing essays is making the introduction fluffy while trying to grab the reader’s attention. Basically, the introduction shouldn’t be complicated. It should be short and precise with a simple hook.

Not Making a Clear Argument
This might sound silly but it’s a common mistake that students make in their essays. In most cases, students describe changes or trends instead of making arguments about their causes. Others describe their views instead of explaining why they think they are correct. While some tell readers why they think they are correct, they don’t provide reasons. To be a great essay writer, you need to fix this. Start composing essays that make clear arguments with relevant supporting evidence. Whenever you make a claim, ask yourself whether it is true and why should your reader care. This will enable you to analyze things in your essays.

Trying to Make Excess Claims
If you make excess claims in your essay, you won’t be able to provide evidence for all of them. In fact, this will enable the educator or examiner to easily demonstrate holes in your literature and award you a low grade. To avoid this mistake, make claims that you can support with relevant and sufficient evidence depending on the specified length of your essay. Show the educator or examiner that you know what you can achieve with the specified scope of the essay.

Copying Academic Language
You need a custom essay to prove to the examiner or educator that you wrote it. But, this doesn’t mean adding commas everywhere in your essay. You don’t have to parrot another author’s language after reading their work. For instance, you don’t have to use words like discursive and systematic if they don’t make sense in your work. In fact, using such language will draw the marker to analyze what you think is complex and clever academic language closely. If you have not used it correctly, you will end up losing marks.

Failing to Proofread
Markers check for grammar, spelling, fluency, referencing, and structure among others. Brilliant essay writers know this. As such, they take time to proofread their essays to eliminate mistakes that may make markers or examiners award them low grades. Therefore, proofread your essays carefully to eliminate all mistakes. Make sure that your arguments are clear and sensible.

Avoid these mistakes even when you use essay writer cheap service and you will start earning better grades from your work.

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