Writing a Reflective Essay

The reflective essay is about your thoughts, emotions, and events. A reflective task may require you to write about the experience from the past, a place, or an object, a thing you have touched, tasted, or smelled, a book, or a movie that made a great impact on your personality or life. The reflective essay is an analytical academic essay. It focuses on the writer’s thought and the thinking process.

Steps for Writing a Reflective Essay

The first thing is to think about a central event that may be describing your feelings, life, or other parts of it. It will help a lot when creating the starting thesis. Try to design a mind-map and identify the main arguments when creating other main paragraphs of the writing task.

The major characteristic of reflective writing is a description or the event explanation. There may be as well interpretational writing. Frequently it is written in the first person about the writer’s personal experience.

According to Kathleen Blake Yancey reflective writing is defined as “the dialectical process by which we develop and achieve specific goals for learning and strategies for reaching those goals, as well as means of determining whether or not we have reached such goals.”

Certainly, when on the reflective writing paper, try to describe an event, experience, place or emotion.

The basic tips are to write about an object or events. The majority of reflective tasks are based on certain people’s experiences. The point is to write briefly, approximately 400-600 words are necessary to fulfill this kind of reflective task. The advice is to write more colorfully and joyfully, but briefly. Insert transition phrases so the written paragraphs may seem more connected. Practice editing of the essay several times until polished. Certainly, there are few mistakes you need to avoid to have a better task written. For example, using the first person, using slang or plagiarism

In certain periods, you may lack motivation or creative intelligence to write. It is important to not get into burnout, so try to provide yourself as many pauses as needed. That way you will achieve greater results. There is a lot of resources online in the form of educational online training courses, web platforms, and private tutors. If not confident enough, try to invest in your training process or further practice.

Thus, if your concentration is blocked, do a format and outline the major writing goals and how to achieve them. The introduction focus on a description of the person, place, or experience. Furthermore, describe the inner conflict. Present some important topics that will introduce the latter section. In the case of a reflective essay, there are three necessary sections to be included. The introduction is the first paragraph with the aim and the definition of the entire writing sample. The main paragraphs and their number depends upon the planned arguments throughout the essay. The conclusion is the end of the reflective paper. It should summarize the previous results and final thoughts. In conclusion, try to elaborate on what you have learned, regretted, or what needs to be changed.

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