Safe Places to Look for Well-Written Comparative Essay Examples

For many students, preparing a comparative essay isn’t easy. Even if you have good research and writing skills, you may have difficulties if you don’t have a passion for the subject or the assignment is just boring. A well-composed example will guide you in your writing activity and help you finish your paper with ease. The following guidelines contain information on how to locate credible places with numerous samples worth your attention.

Where to Find Qualitative Examples of Comparative Essays

  1. Your school library.
  2. The library has a comprehensive collection of documents submitted by the fellow students and professional writers. It’s recommended to check the composition section first. You may also ask one of the librarians what books have good examples on your subject.

  3. Electronic archive of your department.
  4. It’s likely that your professor uploaded some great examples on the website of your department or you may find an electronic database that contains works submitted electronically. Use search parameters to find a sample that you need.

  5. A writing lab.
  6. You can either visit a writing lab at your school or check the resources of other centers available online. The presented documents are carefully selected by instructors so that you can use them without hesitation.

  7. Websites that provide homework assistance.
  8. There are plenty of different educational resources online that share assignment examples and templates, essay-writing tips and tricks, and lists of outstanding subjects for a comparison paper.

  9. A freelance writer blog.
  10. It’s a good idea to find a comparison work prepared by an experienced writer. To do so, search for a blog of a freelancer who has a high rating and many positive comments of users.

  11. Academic writing services.
  12. Although such services are paid, you can ask for a free sample written by one of their writers. Usually, this document meets academic standards, so you can use it as an example. Check out The usually provide their clients wih good samples.

  13. Your friend’s resources.
  14. You can ask your friends to share their own papers or help you find a perfect sample to follow. Your older sibling may also have a few well-composed assignments that you can read to get inspired.

How to Use a Sample to Complete Your Work Faster

  • Consider writing on a similar topic.
  • Learn how to compare and contrast different subjects in a proper manner.
  • Write down transition words and phrases to use them in your work later.
  • Study how to apply a particular formatting style.
  • Think of using an essay structure the same as in the sample.
  • Look at the list of references and check the resources that seem relevant to your topic.

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